Hi, I'm Sam.

👋 I live in San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, Olga, and our two young boys, Oscar and Oisín.

🛠 By day I'm a product manager and lead at team of amazing product people at Facebook working on strategic infrastructure.

🦉 At night I read, code, build, and explore. I'm most interested in building tools and systems that give people superpowers and help us manage ourselves and our planet.

☕️ I drink a lot of coffee. Usually using a Kalita Wave, Aeropress, or ROK espresso, with Ethiopian or Rwandan beans typically from Ritual (SF), or Square Mile (London).

❤️ Always happy to help others and meet new people. Message me on twitter @smcllns or email me oscollins@gmail.com.

Recent Writing, Tools & Ideas

  • Bay Area Home Research: tools and maps to optimize where to live (with kids) in the Bay Area
  • Unsubmarine: a Chrome extension to automate unsubscribing in gmail without compromising your privacy.